About Us

Veterinary Practice News (VPN) has been dedicated to informing veterinarians about best practices, new products and industry trends for over 30 years. Our publication reaches 57,000 subscribers and provides the latest information on veterinary medicine, practice management, small animal, equine care, technology and more to veterinarians, technicians, managers and many others who represent the veterinary industry.

VetMedTeam (VMT) is an online education provider for members of the veterinary industry to advance their careers by providing access to online RACE approved medical and practice management CE credits, attain Approved Veterinary Assistant accreditation and much more.

Over 100,000 members are registered with our online education platform that covers topics pertaining to veterinary medicine and practice management through interactive instructor-lead courses, webinars, on-demand courses, case studies, and practical real-life scenarios. They also participate in our online peer-to-peer Community discussion forum.

VetCE merges the best of Veterinary Practice News and VetMedTeam to provide you with an educational conference where you will not get lost in thousands of attendees and seminars but instead place you in front of expert speakers to learn, take away real experience and stay up-to-date on treatments, solutions and industry trends. We look forward to welcoming you to VetCE in Seattle and New Orleans!