Why Become a Partner?

We have created VetCE Virtual micro-conference events with a very simple philosophy:

  • Provide a convenient alternative to in-person events that are designed to deliver multiple approved RACE and/or CVPM CE credits in a concise, half-day format with three consecutive one-hour presentations, that people can experience in the comfort of their home or office.
  • Provide our Partners with more value than the cost of partnership, access to our participants during the event and with the ability to reach out to them after the event.

Being a Partner with VetCE Virtual gives you the unique opportunity to get exposure to our attendees with minimal competition as we have limited partnerships available, and you can get a complete qualified lead report for all registrants! These are highly qualified leads, as anyone who dedicates 3+ hours of their time to participate are highly interested in the topic of the event.

We have two Partnership options available to suit your budget and the level of exposure you want. A Basic Partner package provides you with inclusion in the online event Partner section (live during and for 1 week after the event) and a post-event registration lead report. The Premium Partner package provides you with inclusion in all event marketing materials (distributed to 110,000+ VetMedTeam members, and Veterinary Practice News subscribers), Partner promotion throughout the event itself, inclusion in our post-event participant survey and more.

Do not miss the opportunity to present your organization to our highly engaged participants and get a list of qualified leads after the event!

This brief video below walks you through how our online Partner section looks and works. Completing your Partner page is a very simple process and provides you with a variety of ways you can promote your organization.

VetCE Virtual Partner Section Example.

What People are Saying About VetCE

“The session was very nice and easy to follow.  It was very informative, educational and fun to listen to.”



“I really loved attending the VetCE Virtual event.  I thought it was perfect as is.”


Veterinary Assistant

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